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14 Book-to-Film Adaptations That Don’t Suck (Part 1)

Nothing crushes the literature-lover’s soul quite like the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day of a movie adaptation butchering a beloved book. See: The Scarlet Letter-Demi Moore edition,  the horrendous 2002 The Time Machine, and sadly many, many more. And while it’s nigh-impossible to satisfy the overarching standards of a literature lover, sometimes a director gets … Continue reading

Puke on Film

WARNING: Those with light stomachs should read no further. But know – I’m judging you. Weak sauce. WARNING #2: Some of the movies listed are rated R, so use your good judgment with the accompanying clips, as you may be offended/grossed out.   I struggled to find something to write. The inspiration just didn’t come – until … Continue reading